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Pennsylvania flexes its political muscles

Okay, first of all we have a tidbit from the LA Times on what to look for in Pennsylvania, which is a pretty succinct guide.  CNN's political ticker is probably a good place to follow things through the day.  ukeyouee, I'm looking at you.

And just a couple of things to rant about briefly:
  • Barack Obama showing that he really is kind of an elitist prig.  Not that I think that any of the candidates aren't, but he's REAAAAAALLY not doing himself any favors.  Even I was kind of miffed by what he said, and I'm a card-carrying member of the educated white bourgeoisie.  Doesn't he think that the white working class (check out this article for a more thorough investigation of what the 'white working class' is, anyway) might have reasons other than plain ol' stupidity and/or fear for voting against their economic interests?  I think they do.
  • Hillary, why are you sticking Osama bin Laden in your ads? (Unless it's to point out that we still can't find him.)  Shame on you. Down, FUD, down.
  • Finally, McCain, no you do not know what it's like to not have health care. This makes me livid.  As though someone who has had government provided health care all his life knows the quiet, constant fear that people have when they can't go to the doctor, when a life threatening illness or even a trip to the hospital can bankrupt you for the rest of your life.  Fuck you fuck you fuck you.  And an extra fuck you for good measure.


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Apr. 22nd, 2008 01:14 pm (UTC)
Voting (for Obama) went smoothly this morning-about a 15 minute line. Philly voting culture is a bit of a shock after Oregon's vote by mail. Very aggressive canvassers were as close as possible to the entrance, and there was exit polling and videotaping actually inside my polling place. Philadelphia seems very favored towards Obama going by the percentage of signs in windows.

When are you coming to America Erin? I might be able to come visit you...

Emily, reporting live

Apr. 24th, 2008 02:21 pm (UTC)
Wow, voting in a swing state sounds like a gauntlet. I've voted in person in NY and CA, but it's nothing like that! Although actually the scrum outside the Democrats Abroad primary was pretty intense. Also, Obama may have philly, but the rest of the state went for Hilly. Sorry, that just popped into my head and, like all bad rhymes, it has to be shared of rthe purposes of entertainment.

Also, YOU GET FIRST DIBS ON VISITS! Anytime after June 10th. Seriously, any time. and I will rent a car and we will tear up the highway. Email me if you have a time in mind?
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